The participants have to agree to the points discussed below before they register for the programme.
Conduction of the Programme:
The organizer may cancel, suspend, or reschedule the programme considering the need for the same at any phase of the programme. If the programme is cancelled, the registration fee shall be returned by deducting the bank service charge. In other cases the registration fee once submitted will not be refunded.
Registration Fee:
The registration fee includes the charges for sub-domain name, and hosting. As these two have to be set-up in advance, the cancellation of the registration will not be possible from the side of participant. In such cases the amount shall not be refunded.
Content on the Website:
The content which participants may post on their websites will be monitored by concerned authorities regularly. Posting any irrelevant/harmful content may cause for the termination of the website and for the legal activities. In such cases participants will be sole authority for facing such issues. Neither the organiser of the programme or resource person will be responsible.
The programme is only designed for the education purpose, not for anything else.
Service Supports:
The organiser of this programme is only offering extended supports for maintenance, updation etc. on your website during the practice period (1 Month). Further the organiser of the programme will not be responsible for the failure from participants in renewing the domain and hosting. Hence participants are requested to be aware of the date of purchase of hosting, domain and their due dates