The Occupational English Test (OET) is an international English language test for the healthcare sector. It provides a valid assessment of four language skills- Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking based on communication in an English speaking healthcare field.OET helps health care professionals to exhibit their right level of English proficiency in working environment. It is an another kind of language proficiency test for medical and health care professionals who want to apply for Employment opportunities. This profession-centered examination also assesses communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to practice and register in global language speaking environment.


It consists of 4 modules as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each module requires an individual A or B grade which shows the language competency in health service atmosphere.

LISTENING (50 minutes)

It consists of two parts. In part A, candidates listen to a dialogue between a patient and a professional and they are required to fill the blanks with appropriate answer. In part B&C, candidates listen to a health professional giving a short talk on a health related topic and are obliged to complete fixed choice questions.

READING (60 minutes)

The reading test consists of two parts. In part A, candidates are asked to skim read 3 to 4 short texts, complete a summary paragraph by filling missing words, lasting 15 minutes. In part B, candidates are asked to read a short extract and answer 1-6 multiple choice questions. Whereas, Part C consists of two passages on a general health care subjects and answer 7-22 multiple choice questions for each text.

WRITING (45 minutes)

For OET writing, a candidate has to write a letter based on the case note. For example; referral, letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advice a patient, carer or a group.

SPEAKING (20 minutes)

OET speaking is in the form of one-to-one conversations with an interlocutor. It starts with some warm up questions related to candidate’s professional background and followed by two role plays. Candidates get 2-3 minutes for preparation and it will last about 4-5 minutes. The candidate adopts usual professional role and the examiner will be patient or carer and it is purely based on real life interaction between a patient and health care professional.

Each four tests of OET are graded A to E, where A is the highest and E is the lowest grade. There is no overall grade.

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